Senin, 11 Februari 2013

it's ticking

so, is this the time?
for them to step on a higher stairs? 
as i watch them laugh and show a big smile,
just like having a happy ending in every kids fairytale.
and then,
its ended up with  questions.
"when will be mine?"
"Will i be happy and laugh out loud, just like them?"
"Was it right to believe?"
"Why there is no clue in here?"

and why am i just sitting here,
making myself  busy counting  thousand stars on my rooftop.
Trying to forget everything.

why am i just  floating all day in a swimming pool,
greeting my Dad and my God,
and tell them how i spent my busy yet unfriendly day.

 why am i just  letting my face touched by the wind,
 with my eyes closed.
and dreaming about being a God. 

so, is this the time?
Time for me to waiting patiently.
and believe that there will  be one beautiful day for me to come.

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