Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013

Collecting piece of piece form my childhood dreams (part 2)

And another dreams form my childhood,
is to become a perfomer.

an art performer.
stage performer,
to act
to sing
to dance

i remebember how entusiast i am to become a stage dancer,
and how i want become part of Guruh Soekarno Putra Dancer (GSP Dancer)
then i join every traditional dance class after school when im in  kindergardeen.

 And i remember, that almost every week, i stealed my grandfather's magazine, Horison.
its a literature magazine. i read every poem and every short story, and wonder how
odd the flow was. one of my favorite is when i red about a group of people in a rural area,
came to watch some cinema (layar tancep). Then suddenly, a big lion jump out form the screen.

 I love to  read a script and perform it. every script has a different interpretation based on the poeple who read it. the process of how you get into the characther you be is the most challenging part. lately, i used to do a monolgue in my daily and create my other me. LOL.
Now that we have, the antagonist and the fool chacha.

 and i remember  how i love to write my own script and ask my brothers to perform it. lol.

And one last wish, was to be a singer.
i dream to have my own weird band,
writting my own song,
making my own secret and small garden gigs under the bright night sky
with a full of stars on it.
and playing my own favorite instrument, guitar.
one in my mind was having my fantasy-animal band.
i used to record my voice in a tape recorder and make my own sticker label above it.
and voila, there are some of my own mix tape label in here.

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