Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011

late night thought

in the middle of night,
a plenty of thoughts had come to me.

a series of questions

what have i done this far.?
where is my destination?
what do i want to be?
what will i do next year or even this new 2011?
what do i want to achieve?
why peoples are great and why they are underestimate me?
how can they succeed so easy while i'm climbing for a thousand time
and end up with a failure?
how to be a not-boring person like me?
how to be a decisive person.
how to win my idealistic thoughts and not to be afraid to speak?
how to be a sincere one?
how to appreciate myself?
how to appreciate other?

i realize that for almost of every time i breath,
i'm busy to think about what other people might think of me,
afraid of being my own me.
afraid to express like or my dislike.
afraid to hate,
afraid to be left behind.

then another series of questions coming after,
the simplest but also the hardest one.
about my existence in this universe.

who am i?
i don't know.
am i the great one?
i don't know.
i don't think so.
am i someone?
no, i'm nobody.

so ironic.

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