Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

where is topengkayuusang ?

hi, since i decide to make an improvement of my writing skills, for now my is metamorphosis to its new name, mind-of watercolor.

why 'mind-of watercolor'?
the story behind is because, i wanna share a lot of what's on my mind and what's happen to the universe and because the late topengkayuusang was a poem blog for me, so i wanna make a new approach , a new positive image. for the following post, this blog will not just share a poem which come from my mind. but also everything useful for everyone, link or thought. so it will be more comprehensive. :)

and because i also want to improve my english skills, so i decide to not-to write in bahasa as i can. :)

thats why 'mind of watercolor' comes first in my mind.

:) lets share everything

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